Problem statement

Unequal power structures played a central role during South Africa’s long colonial period from 1652 to 1910, this trend continued during the period of segregation 1910 to 1948 and during apartheid from 1948 to 1994, when power was entirely monopolized by whites- with devastating consequences for Black people. Unequal power relations and unequal socio-economic outcomes have remained a defining characteristics of the post –apartheid period. Despite acclaimed democratic dispensation since 1994.

Old forms of inequality have been perpetuated and permeated more deeply to worsened scenarios of structural unemployed, relentless escalation of poverty and related factors to Black people. To address this phenomenon a deep reflection and a proper diagnostic exercise is required to provide a true lasting solution to problems facing Black people. A diagnostic exercise must cogently distinguish causes from effects.

South Africa is an ocean of white wealth build on Black Labour. To this end Black Economic Emancipation Programme remains a cogent anti-dote to transform the economy in favour of the Black majority population. Our deep reflection must start from the premise that says “ As systemic white power structures were responsible for economic marginalization and social exclusion of Black people from 1652 to 1994, in the height of post 1994 poverty escalation, increasing structural unemployment , inequality and associated social ills, thus who else is responsible? In any event of marginalization, enslavement or exploitation, both the victimisers and the victims are participators. Participation of the victims in this regard is usually their inappropriate behaviour, compromise, inept and lacklustre planning to stop their victimisation, which might be the case with us in post 1994 period.

In the light of the above, Black Economic Emancipation Crusade (BEEC) intends to provide a sustainable solution, to end economic marginalization of Black people, by mobilising and organising black communities, to be consciously aware of every detail of their hardships, every detail of their causes and every detail of how they can be resolved. Black Economic Emancipation Crusade is a membership based organisation. Agitate, Mobilize and Organise.