BEEC is a politically non-partisan civil society organisation. Its main aim is to build Black group solidarity, unity and group consciousness to achieve its noble objectives. Notwithstanding its declared objectives, the organisation shall cooperate and/or network with any other entity(ies) on particular and/or specific issues pertaining to economic emancipation of Black people.


Building an economically self-reliant and self-sufficient Black community that is free from poverty, unemployment and related social ills.


To unite black people and to provide cogent results-oriented solutions to the economic predicament they are confronted with in this country.


  • a) To mobilize and organize black people to collectively build wealth to serve their own interests.
  • b) To raise economic awareness through public education to achieve Black Self-Development, Self-Reliance and Self-sufficiency.
  • c) To build alternative black led and strong economic bases, competitive black businesses and economically sustainable communities.
  • d) To research and analyse details of black peoples' economic predicament and develop relevant solutions.
  • e) To advise and educate black people on how to fight and defeat the system that continues to economically oppress and ravage their lives.

Unequal power structures played a central role during South Africa's long colonial period from 1652 to 1910, this trend continued during the period of segregation from 1910 to 1948 and during apartheid from 1948 to 1994, when power was entirely monopolized by whites- with devastating consequences for Black people. Unequal power relations and unequal socio-economic outcomes have remained the defining characteristics of the post-apartheid period. Despite acclaimed democratic dispensation since 1994. Old forms of inequality that have been perpetuated permeate more deeply to worsened scenarios of structural unemployment, relentless escalation of poverty and related factors that affect Black people.

To address this phenomenon, a deep reflection and a proper diagnostic exercise is required to provide a true lasting solution to economic problems facing Black people. A diagnostic exercise must cogently distinguish causes from effects. South Africa is an ocean of White Wealth built on Black Labour. Black people remain on the lowest level of the country's wealth barrel with inter-generational poverty transmitted from one generation to the other. Poverty is a man-made phenomenon and it can only be eradicated by a conscious collective action of those who are trapped in it through the organisation of their own making.

Black Economic Emancipation Crusade (BEEC), is such an organisation geared towards creating economically Self- Reliant Black community and further, realizes that this objective can only be achieved through a cogent and solitary organisation of Black people themselves, that will decisively and resolutely go-head on with/ eradicate a system that continues to ravage Black life.

  • Active Citizens

    Become an active member of our society, speak out and act in accord to make a change that benefits our community.

  • Open Talk

    Let uas discuss matters and resolve issues that affect the well being of our community